Welcome to the Sri Lanka Family Project!

This project started after the documentary made by the Dutch journalists of Zembla about adoption skeems on Sri Lanka.
If you join our database you will have the possibility to match your own adoption papers with the Group adoptees who already did.
You’ll have possibility to fill in your papers and when there is a match you will receive a notification.

If you have questions about the Sri Lanka Family Project you can send us an email on info@srilankafamilyproject.com

If you have questions regarding this website, or if you get an error, please send an email on webmaster@srilankafamilyproject.com

We hope you will find support (here) with this initiative during your search for answers.

Kind regards,
The Sri Lanka Family Project


Case owners are live!

There are now accounts which are able to fill in multiple forms, this so that for people on Sri Lanka we can also fill in forms and save the data.

The family forms are now live!

The function to choose your relation form is now active after you registered. Depending on the relation type the correct forms are shown in your profile.

Globalisation is functional!

The application is now bilingual. English is the standard language, if Dutch is set as your preferred language it will be displayed in Dutch. More languages to follow!

E-mail verification is live!

WIth new accounts the e-mail address needs to be verified now to be able to reset it through the forgot password option.